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PRICE LIST FOR 20190-2020

Prices effective 10/01/2019

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Steel Felloe Wheels

Wheel Type Price Each
Model T, using 23"
and 21" Steel Felloes
$165.00 Each
Ford TT Truck $240.00 Each
Plain Spoke - not Model T $275.00 Each
Boss Bolted Spoke $295.00 Each

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Wood Felloe Wheels

Wheel Type Price Each
Model T Ford

Non Demoutable
Round Felloe with oval spokes

$285.00 Each
Other light weight wheels with non-demountable clincher rims
such as the early Oldsmoblie & Cadillac
Begin at $315.00
Non Demountable wheels using clincher or bead edge type rims larger than 30 x 3" but
Less than 27" in Dia.
$405.00 Each and up
Non Demountable wheels such as Goodyer or Firestone or using Quick Detachable rims
Less than 27" in Dia.
$435.00 Each and up
Demountable/Detachable plain Spoke having rims to 27" in diameter $435.00 Each and up
Demountable, Detachable or boss Bolt , and /or having rims 28" or larger $450.00 ea. and up
Special wheels having large felloes
and large spokes. Wheels that require
special machining for hubs and brake drums
Begin at $475.00
All Others such as IHC high wheelers
or Sears type wheels
Priced on a time and material basis


 Prices exclude shipping and taxes where applicable.

 Please note that when requesting  spokes that are to be finished "natural" there is a 15% charge for  selecting wood of all one color.  This allows a more uniform look.   Painted wheels could have a mixture of color in the spokes.

 When a hand made pattern or an extensive modification is required on a spoketo produce a good pattern, a charge of $35.00 applies.

Prices effective 10/01/2019

Prices are subject to change at any time.

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